Today's cyber threat landscape is becoming limitless and is constantly evolving. Organisations must understand the risks and impacts while demonstrating they are resilient and compliant with market security standards.

With over 20 years of experience, and CHECK and CREST-qualified expert testers, ProCheckUp can deliver bespoke services to help you gain visibility into your security posture and to protect the design and operations of security architectures and applications. We are a CESG CHECK, CREST, PCI QSA & PCI ASV  approved company.

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Our security audit services range includes

Application Testing

ProCheckUp offers a wide range of web application auditing services from standard  web browser applications, mobile applications, thick client applications as well as web services API.

Application Testing

Breakout testing - Citrix and network pivoting

Citrix is widely used to allow secure program access to remote users. However, these environments are often misconfigured and can be difficult to secure without fully assessing the requirements, permissions and implementation of the Citrix server.

Breakout Testing

Build Reviews 

Servers are the main focus of attention for an attacker as this is where the most sensitive information traditionally resides.


NCSC IT Health Checks

We combine the team’s methodologies with the CHECK requirements outlined by NCSC for CHECK engagements in order to provide high quality services and deliverables.


Cloud and Virtualisation Testing

The advantages of cloud based IT infrastructure are undeniable: reduced capital expenditure, greater scalability, and guaranteed uptime, just some of the reasons businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud


Device Testing/IOT testing

A security review of a company laptop or mobile device requires a tester to assess the security of the device hardware, operating system, applications and locally stored data for potential vulnerabilities.

Device Testing

Infrastructure Testing 

In order for an organisation to function efficiently and securely, and to ensure the confidentiality, infrastructure, data, integrity and availability of its network, the entire environment needs to be regularly assessed to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified, prioritised and the appropriate actions are taken to ensure their resolution.


Mobile Application Testing

The aim of this service is to determine whether any security weaknesses, whether through vulnerabilities, configuration weaknesses or lack of compliancy to security best practices, are applicable to a mobile application.

Mobile Application

Red/Blue/Purple Teaming

For the most authentic penetration test simulation, a technique known as Red Teaming, where the testers simulate what an attacker in the real world would do, would be the ideal solution.


Social Engineering

Social engineering involves attempting to take advantage of any weakness in security.


Supply Chain Testing 

Coming Soon !


Vulnerabililty Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) identifies known security vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and IT systems, this ensures that your IT systems do not have any known security weaknesses which can be exploited by attackers.


Wireless Testing

To provide assurance over how these wireless networks affect the overall security posture of an organisation, ProCheckUp can perform a series of simulated attacks on the corporate Wi-Fi, including Denial of Service (DoS), authentication enumeration and attempts to access wired Ethernet based networks which should be inaccessible from the wireless networks.



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