Security architecture design is the practice of designing computer systems to achieve security goals.

These security goals are:

  • Make initial compromise of the system difficult
  • Limit the impact of any compromise
  • Make disruption of the system difficult
  • Make detection of a compromise easy

The architecture must also:

  • Meet user needs
  • Be cost effective, and account for any other constraints relevant to the scenario.

ProCheckUp utilises a standard engagement model for all security architecture reviews using a robust, holistic approach consisting of three phases as defined below: -

Detailed Review

ProCheckUp consultants will conduct a detailed review of the organisations network security goals and requirements as well as evaluating any associated security technology policies. We will then conduct an in-depth analysis of the network security architecture, including the network topology, architecture diagrams, relationships,  solution components, device features and configurations. To determine if the policies in place are sufficiently strict, proper network segmentation is in place, and other security configurations are enforced to reduce an organization’s attack surface.  Security technology policies for remote access, network segmentation, server protection, authentication, and firewall design can all be included in the scope of the review.

Additionally, the service can evaluate the overall security architecture for scalability, performance, and manageability.

Detailed Analysis

After the detailed review, ProCheckUp will provide a detailed analysis of network security architecture vulnerabilities and operational risks and evaluate how closely the current security architecture aligns with industry network security best practices.

Prioritised Recommendations

ProCheckUp then provides prioritised recommendations to mitigate the identified operational risks, including improvements to topology, protocols, policy, device configurations and network and security management tools. By following a systematic and detailed approach to assessing network security, the service helps organisations reduce threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business processes and applications and helps to improve risk management and satisfy compliance needs.

ProCheckUp also offers network penetration testing and vulnerability scanning services

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