In order for an organisation to function efficiently and securely, and to ensure the confidentiality, infrastructure, data, integrity and availability of its network, the entire environment needs to be regularly assessed to ensure that all vulnerabilities are identified, prioritised and the appropriate actions are taken to ensure their resolution. To address this requirement, ProCheckUp offers a range of network infrastructure testing services, from non-intrusive Vulnerability Assessments (which give a quick overview of how the security of the environment is looking), to full infrastructure penetration tests (where the tester will attempt to exploit vulnerabilities found in order to provide proof of concept).

ProCheckUp is an NCSC-approved CHECK companyfully accredited to perform IT Health Checks (ITHCs) against HMG environments. Other network infrastructure services offered include ASV scans for PCI environments, Cyber Essentials and Red-Teaming/blackbox engagements.

Infrastructure testing can be performed from an external perspective, assessing your infrastructure that is publicly accessible, and internally assessing the perspective of an attacker who was able to gain access to your premises/offices or bypass your network perimeter security.

Testing can be conducted remotely, or at customer sites. Regardless of the location; a full infrastructure test will include covering the primary elements of discovery, enumeration, and exploitation. A high-level overview of the main stages of ProCheckUp’s infrastructure testing methodology has been summarised in the following diagram, where a range of in-house and commercial tools are used in combination with manual testing techniques.

At ProCheckUp we pride ourselves in the flexibility we offer clients. If there is any concern about testing during normal working hours, ProCheckUp can arrange for the test to occur out of these hours.

Please contact us for more information on how ProCheckUp Infrastructure PenTesting Services can help you.

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    Please contact us for more information on how ProCheckUp can help you.


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