The aim of this service is to determine whether any security weaknesses, whether through vulnerabilities, configuration weaknesses or lack of compliancy to security best practices, are applicable to a mobile application. At variance to Web application testing (which is typically thin client/browser-based) mobile application testing focuses on compiled applications where heavier amounts of processing and functionality is dependent on the application itself. Whilst each engagement is tailored to the particular technologies and functions used by the application, at a minimum for each assessment, consultants evaluate security across the following key areas:

  • Local Data storage
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Session Management
  • Data in Transit
  • Running Processes
  • Application Filesystem
  • Input Validation
  • Known Vulnerabilities.

At the end of every engagement the client is provisioned a final deliverable of a full technical report which will include full details of all potential vulnerabilities identified (along with recommended remediation steps) as well as an executive summary (management) section which includes a high-level description of the higher-impact security issues identified.

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