The advantages of cloud based IT infrastructure are undeniable: reduced capital expenditure, greater scalability, and guaranteed up-time, just some of the reasons businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

There is a common misconception that the responsibility to protect data lies with the service provider. In fact, it sits with the cloud customer, to protect their cloud based IT infrastructure from attack.

For cloud testing whether Microsoft, Amazon, Google or Oracle. We are normally provided with credentials to create a jump box, or use a predefined image if one exists from which manual pen tests can be performed. Additionally for cloud testing we audit cloud service configurations, as well as using OSINT software to search for publicly exposed information and known misconfigurations.

Whether you are using common cloud platforms like Office 365, Azure, AWS and Google Cloud, or one of the many SaaS platforms like Salesforce, ProCheckUp perform cloud security audits to ensure your cloud based IT infrastructure is properly secured.

Please contact us for more information on how ProCheckUp Cloud and Virtualisation Testing Services can help you.

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    Please contact us for more information on how ProCheckUp can help you.


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