Working with a personal account manager and dedicated member of the technical team, ProCheckUp will support and guide your company from the initial enquiry stage through to defining the necessary remedial action. The engagement process would usually work as follows:

Initial Enquiry 

We will discuss the project with you to ensure we fully understand your concerns and requirements, your business needs and constraints.

Project Scoping 

This vital stage will involve a consultative approach where ProCheckUp will understand the requirements of the assignment and, more importantly, the business risk associated with each aspect of the systems / networks in scope of testing. Moving forward the type, level of testing and timeframes for delivery will then be defined and communicated in technical proposal or statement of works.


Security testing is performed by ProCheckUp's experienced and skilled consultants. Our testers will perform an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that may result from poor or improper system configuration, known and/or unknown hardware or software flaws, operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures.

During the test we will keep you updated of its current progress. Any high risk level issues which may have been highlighted during testing will be communicated immediately with the relevant remediation advice to close off the issues.   


ProCheckUp's testing methodology utilises a combination of carefully selected commercial, open source and in-house security tools and scripts, where testing is performed from both an automated and manual perspective which ensures that a comprehensive security assessment is performed. This simulates how an attacker would use attempt to gain unauthorised access to your systems.

Report Submission 

ProCheckUp will provide a detailed report designed to communicate the security posture of the environment across a broad spectrum of commercial and technical levels. As standard the report will provide a high level executive summary with a more detailed list of vulnerabilities, results, examples and remediation advice. Reports can be also be tailored depending on the client specific requirements. In addition a 'traffic light' risk rating system is used to highlight the severity of any vulnerabilities which have been exposed in order to prioritise remedial action.

Ongoing Support 

We can schedule a conference call to discuss the findings of the test and give a better understanding of the vulnerabilities found, and how the recommendations can be best implemented. 

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