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Wednesday, 11 March 2015: ProCheckUp joins forces with Cyber Security Challenge to attract and educate young talent

11 March 2015 by ProCheckUp, Press Release

Over the past few years, the threat to cyber security has affected every area, from politics to gaming. The Cyber Security Challenge is taking cyber security to new heights of interest and ProCheckUp are excited to become one of the platinum sponsors.

"We believe that in order for our industry to combat this threat, we need individuals with specialist skills, who will excel in the field." Richard Brain, Technical Director of ProCheckUp. 

Cyber Security Challenge UK runs a series of national competitions which are aimed at attracting talented people and informing them about cyber security careers and learning opportunities. ProCheckUp are proud to be part of an initiative which will lead to more young people seeing cyber security, particularly penetration testing, as an option for their future career. As a forward thinking IT Security company, ProCheckUp are continually looking to invest in the next generation of penetration testers.

The scheme has been supported by government departments, IT firms, universities and trade groups since it began in 2010, and is making a notable difference to the career prospects for new talent in the cyber security industry. The Challenge sets competitions to test existing cyber security skills, runs cyber camps to help individuals develop new skills and provides networking opportunities.  ProCheckUp is looking forward to working with Cyber Security Challenge to inspire more bright individuals to develop a career in cyber security.


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