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Find out more about ProCheckUp's services including: Penetration Testing, PCI QSA and PCI ASV.

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ProCheckUp are extremely flexible in meeting our requirements. The output is professional and of a consistently high standard with clear evidence that the testers are at the top of their game.

PCI DSS User Group

User Group is for merchants to come and share experiences with fellow professionals, and learn from the different businesses and sectors that attend the meeting. We have regular presentations from the card schemes and acquiring banks.

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News Items

ProCheckUp are experts in the field of IT Security and regularly contibute to the press in this area. Below is a selection of these items.

Vulnerability research and disclosure

Richard Brain is the Technical Director at ProCheckUp and in this interview he discusses vulnerability research, his favorite security tools, fuzzing as well as the vulnerability disclosure process....

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27 September 2010 by Mirko Zorz,

Adobe vulnerability: Pen test firm finds ColdFusion admin page flaw

London-based penetration testing company ProCheckUp Ltd. has discovered a vulnerability in Adobe Inc.'s ColdFusion programming language that leaves millions of companies open to attack. Researchers...

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12 August 2010 by Ron Condon, TechTarget

Warnings made of vulnerability in the 3Com Intelligent Management Centre that could result in lack of consumer control

Organisations have been warned that they could lose control of their networks due to a vulnerability in the 3Com Intelligent Management Centre (IMC). Penetration testing company ProCheckUp claimed ...

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25 May 2010 by SC Staff, SC Magazine

Why have Adobe hacks become more popular lately? Are there any special measures I should take to protect against them?

QUESTION POSED ON: 17 March 2010 Why have Adobe hacks become more popular lately? Are there any special measures I should take to protect against them? Inevitably, as Microsoft improved its update p...

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17 March 2010 by Search Security

Google's financial incentives for vulnerability detection will be welcomed, but it may attract money-motivated non-technical people

Penetration testing company ProCheckUp has welcomed the announcement by Google to offer rewards for flaw identifications on Chrome. Penetration testing manager at ProCheckUp Jan Fry commented that ...

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02 February 2010 by Dan Raywood, SC Magazine

Credit card fraud expected to rise at Christmas

With just two weeks to go until Christmas Day, research has revealed that nine out of ten companies will not be taking additional IT security precautions over the period. ProCheckUp warned companie...

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11 December 2009 by Dan Raywood, SC Magazine

BBC disability site detected as being vulnerable to a cross site scripting attack

A BBC page has been detected as being at risk to cross site scripting (XSS). ProCheckUp has published a vulnerability showing that the Betsie (BBC education text to speech internet enhancer) page i...

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09 November 2009 by Dan Raywood, SC Magazine
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