Our next GDPR webinar will be held on Thursday 15th June, 11:00-12:00 BST. To register, click here.

Register for a 45min comprehensive webinar and the opportunity to have your questions answered during a Q&A session at the end of the presentation, which will be led by our Head of Compliance.

Please note this is a repeat from our previous GDPR webinar held on Thursday 11th May so if you feel any colleague or peers would benefit from this, please feel free to ask them to email the above address to register. We will host updates webinars about GDPR throughout the year and will keep you updated.   

In March 2017, ProCheckUp has  launched a series of events around the Demystification and Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.
Hosted by panels of experts from Legal & Compliance, Information Security and Data Protection, these interactive sessions feature presentations and discussions on:

  • The global scope of GDPR and the challenges of implementation
  • How to overcome existing process inadequacy
  • Data protection & processing: responsibility and ownership
  • How to effect critical organisational change
  • What can be learned from previous regulatory implementation
  • The hand in hand relationship with data protection compliance and security