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ProCheckUp are extremely flexible in meeting our requirements. The output is professional and of a consistently high standard with clear evidence that the testers are at the top of their game. We find great value add from the relationship with ProCheckUp helping CPP maintain a proactive security stance.


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Telephony Testing

Telephony Penetration Testing

Traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) infrastructure and VoIP (Voice over IP) technologies are an integral part of an organisation's telecommunications network. Although these systems bring a number of benefits they can also introduce security issues and expose your business to an unnecessary level of risk.

The Penetration testing approach of VoIP systems is similar to that of infrastructure testing with key areas of expertise required to ensure these systems are security tested in appropriate depth.

Why do you need a telephony test?

The infrastructure that is being used to support the telecommunications systems within your organisation can be as exposed as any other areas of infrastructure.  It is as important to carry out stringent penetration tests on these systems particularly for companies where telecommunications systems are integral part or business function such as call centres and financial organisations.

How can we help?

ProCheckUp's Telecommunications and Telephony Penetration Test will provide the following benefits:

  • Are there any modems attached to employee workstations or servers that might allow remote attackers to gain internal access to your corporate network via the telephone network?
  • Can fraudsters abuse your telephony equipment to make "free" or cheaper phone calls that would be billed to your organization?
  • Is it possible to listen to employees' conversations remotely by compromising your organization's PBX or gaining access to voice traffic from inside of the network? 


Common Vulnerabilities 

  • Information leakage
  • Unsecured modems
  • Telephone call tracking
  • Telephone call manipulation
  • Intercept and listen to telephone conversations
  • Disrupt telecommunications
  • VoIP server misconfigurations


Working with a personal account manager and dedicated member of the technical team, ProCheckUp will support and guide your company from the initial enquiry stage through to defining the necessary remedial action. You can read more about our processes here.

Contact us to discuss your company's telephony penetration needs.