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Find out more about ProCheckUp's services including: Penetration Testing, PCI QSA and PCI ASV.

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ProCheckUp are extremely flexible in meeting our requirements. The output is professional and of a consistently high standard with clear evidence that the testers are at the top of their game.

PCI DSS User Group

User Group is for merchants to come and share experiences with fellow professionals, and learn from the different businesses and sectors that attend the meeting. We have regular presentations from the card schemes and acquiring banks.

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News Items

ProCheckUp are experts in the field of IT Security and regularly contibute to the press in this area. Below is a selection of these items.

Network security consolidation is not only about cost

Most medium to large European companies plan to consolidate network security on a single hardware appliance in the next year, but cost is not the only driver. Ninety per cent of IT directors polled...

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16 July 2009 by Warwick Ashword, Computer Weekly

Pen testing in the Web 2.0 era

How is penetration testing coping with the brave new virtualised world of Web 2.0 with its new opportunities to breach security and compromise data? ProCheckUp director Richard Brain outlines the st...

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01 June 2009 by Richard Brain, ProCheckUp at Test Magazine

Ask the Experts - Richard Brain - How effective are password hack tools?

SearchSecurity QUESTION POSED ON: 19 May 2009 How effective are current password hack tools, and what can be done to enable secure user authentication and defend against them? Password hack tools ...

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19 May 2009 by Richard Brain, ProCheckUp at

Ask the Experts - Richard Brain - How do attackers use Google to hack?

SearchSecurity QUESTION POSED ON: 10 May 2009 How do attackers currently use Google to hack and what are the best ways to stay off Google hackers' radar? Google hacking is a term used to describe ...

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10 May 2009 by Richard Brain, ProCheckUp at

Richard Brain - Real intelligence

Richard Brain - Real intelligence Richard Brain, technical director of information technology specialist ProCheckUp, tells PB about his company's insurance requirements and the challenges it faces ...

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01 May 2009 by Michelle Worvell, Professional Broking

Ask the Experts - Richard Brain Advises

SearchSecurity QUESTION POSED ON: 25 April 2009 Should "offensive" worms be used to propagate patches? Is it safe to use code that acts like malware in order to defeat malware? In my opinion, an '...

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25 April 2009 by Richard barin, ProCheckUp at

Was MasterCard's decision not to publish security standard a mistake?

MasterCard may have made a mistake when it rolled out two-factor security for online banking without exposing the technical standards behind it to public scrutiny. Too late to fix weaknesses Chip ...

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12 March 2009 by Karl Flinders, Computer Weekly
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