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User Group is for merchants to come and share experiences with fellow professionals. We have regular presentations from the card schemes and acquiring banks.

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It's not the P4ssw0rd's fault

  It's not the P4ssw0rd's fault   The objective of authorisation access controls is to ensure that the person seeking access is authorised. This control is most often associated with login creden...

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06 July 2017 by ProCheckUp

Do NotPetya Panick...

Should we all Petya/NotPetya panick? Here's our flashcard with information essentials so far, and first steps to prevent/remediate infection..

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28 June 2017 by ProCheckUp

Still Wannacry?

In this article Paul Bissette, shares his views on Wannacry, why were so many organisations hit by the ransomware, and the attitudes and practices that could have helped preventing its spread.

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06 June 2017 by Paul Bissette

Pitfalls of Content-Type Filtering for Apache Struts 2 Vulnerability CVE-2017-5638

Several recommendations have been made by Apache with regard to mitigating the issue, among which is the option to validate Content-type. However, the recent experience of one of our testers with a particular clients, detailed in this article, shows that this recommendation should be implemented with great care and recursive testing. 


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27 April 2017 by ProCheckUp

Cloudbleed: Time for a change...

Of passwords that is! So, why is that?  Simple. It is very likely that some of your data, including personal information and passwords, has been leaked; caused by a programming blunder in Cloudflare’s sourcecode. Read this for a full brief and tips...

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27 February 2017 by ProCheckUp

GDPR Bytes

The industry is buzzing with excitement over the fact that next year GDPR becomes a reality. What are the implications of it for the average business and how will it impact on them? The reality today is that we’ve all read bits and pieces and seen numbers bandied around suggesting that if we get it wrong, we could face large fines and penalties.

To really understand it, we should look at where it’s come from and why it’s being implemented, particularly with Brexit in mind.


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27 January 2017 by Paul Bissette

Black Friday and Cyber Monday online security breaches

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday online festivity may save consumers money leading into the Christmas shopping season but it also brings an increase in online phishing attacks.

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28 November 2016 by ProCheckUp

Driverless Cars- the ultimate chauffeur or hacker's delight?

Take a minute to imagine that all vehicles on the planet are autonomous. You jump in your car, shout out your desired destination (although I would probably have to type it due to my thick Scottish ac...

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23 June 2016 by Anonymous , ProCheckUp

Hackers Trivia Challenge - Answers

Thank you to all those who attempted the Trivia Challenge last week at Bsides - we hope you had as much fun playing it as we did building it! As promised, the answers to the questions (Click on answe...

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17 May 2016 by Sandy Ho, ProCheckUp

Creating a Better Local Admin Password

Introduction – We’re not very good at this! Local Admin Passwords are arguably one of the most important pieces of information on a computer system. The only thing as an attacker that you would desir...

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08 April 2016 by Thomas Rusbridger, ProCheckUp
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